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Intuit Homestead Install Guide

Statcounter provides free customisable hit counters, visitor tracking, web analytics and website stats for Intuit Homestead.

  1. Copy the StatCounter code.
  2. Download* and install the Homestead Sitebuild program
  3. Open Sitebuilder and login then select the site you want to edit
  4. Click the small icon in the top bar which looks like a piece of paper with a + sign on it - if you hover of this item it should say "View add images and file elements"
  5. In the drop down menu select "Insert HTML", a small white box should appear on the page.
  6. Drag the box to where you'd like to place the StatCounter code. If the counter is invisible drag it to the bottom of the page.
  7. Click one of the corners of the box and re-size it to a small box
  8. On the right hand side at the top click the button for "Enter or Paste HTML"
  9. Paste the code in the popup box and hit ok

  10. The StatCounter code is now on this page but you must save and publish this page for these settings to take effect.

    *How to download Sitebuilder >Login Click Advanced Click Sitebuilder or "Download Sitebuilder"

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