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What are Exit Links?

Exit Links are the links that people click to leave your site.

Let's look at an example.

You own www.mysite.com. You link to your sister's site (www.sister-site.com) on your site.

The link "www.sister-site.com" is considered to be an Exit Link on your site. This is because when a visitor clicks this link, they exit your site "www.mysite.com" and visit another third party site.

You can use the Exit Links Stat in StatCounter to see how much traffic you are sending to your affiliate sites and to your advertisers.

If you do NOT have any external links on your site, then your Exit Links Stat will be blank!

NOTE: Exit Links are links to an EXTERNAL domain i.e. when people click a link to visit another INTERNAL page on your site, this is NOT considered to be an Exit Link.

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